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Benjamin Kenobi

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Benjamin Kenobi


Ben, Phantom of Obi-Wan


Human - Tatooine


25 Years Old


Perceptive, Sly, Laxed, Cunning, Intelligent, Nonchalant and Brave.


Jedi Reformation - Jedi Knight


Benjamin Kenobi was born on Tatooine, he was the son of Quinn Kenobi (direct descendant of Obi-Wan Kenobi) and an unnamed mother who was a farmer. During his childhood Ben was raised primarily by his father that had been one of the few self-taught Jedi Masters within the Galaxy. Quinn would teach his son the ways of the force and they would spend a lot of time training together in the Jundlands on Tatooine. As he grew so too did his resemblance to his Grandfather and soon he was nicknamed the Phantom of Obi-Wan for bearing such a striking resemblance to the famous Jedi Master. When Ben had reached a point in his life where he could finally venture out and see the Galaxy for himself his father Quinn gifted him Obi-Wan Kenobi's lightsaber and Ben would establish himself as a freelancer and defender of the Peace.

He had not been around during the massacre at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple nor did he ever meet the Jedi Master but he had felt the pain from the incident through the force. After having uncovered what transpired with the Jedi and how they had been scattered once again and forced to go into hiding Ben did not sit idly by, he made an effort to pursue the Circle of the Jedi and found them from there he would join the Jedi in their efforts to restore the Jedi Order and participated in the Jedi Restoration Act. It was around this time that Benjamin became a Jedi Knight and dedicated himself to the cause. However, on a mission to Tatooine when Ben had decided to visit his father's Yurt he had uncovered that the place was abandoned and there was no sign of him. This left him with many question, where was his father, was he even alive, what did he get himself into? Nonetheless Ben had returned to the Jedi Reformation and there had guided a newly appointed Jedi Padawan named Revan Shan who had been a former Dark Lord of the Sith seeking redemption, Ben had helped him through his Padawan trials and played a role in the man becoming a Jedi Knight, from then on the two would become good friends.
Benjamin Kenobi

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