What has transpired thus far.

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What has transpired thus far.

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Tue Feb 28, 2017 3:31 pm

Starkiller Base, a massive superweapon of immense power had shattered the Hosnian System by destroying five of the planets - within one of them being that of Hosnian Prime. The First Order had crippled the New Republic's fleet and a significant portion of their force as a whole only to have their Starkiller Base destroyed shortly thereafter by the efforts of the Resistance. Now these two Galactic powerhouses having sustained losses on both sides face an uncertain future and one that will rebirth the very foundation of the Galaxy.

The New Republic having suffered the most from the prior engagement with the First Order was now but a fraction of what it once was. They were left with no other option than to reestablish themselves on Coruscant but even that would be no easy feat. Having pretty much abandoned Coruscant when they settled into the Hosnian System the presence of the New Republic was small and many criminal organizations from the Undercity held more power than they had and because of this many skirmishes would break out which only infringed upon their progress. However all would change when Commander Leia Organa would intervene alongside her Resistance forces. They had helped work with the New Republic forces to drive out the criminal syndicates influence from the Upper City and reclaimed the planet as the Headquarters of the New Republic. Together they had realized that they were a powerful force and after correcting their past differences formed the New Republic-Resistance Alliance renaming themselves the Galactic Alliance or GA for short.

It would also be around this time of regrowth that the scattered Jedi Masters who had survived the attack on Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple by Kylo Ren and his Knights would gather together and begin to establish a new foothold for the scattered and otherwise untrained Jedi within the Galaxy after confronting and aligning with the Galactic Alliance. This movement would be known as the Jedi Restoration and with the help of the Galactic Alliance it was a success. Only months into the act did the Jedi truly begin reforming their numbers so much so that a Jedi Council was reestablished and this new Order of Jedi would be called the Jedi Reformation and they too would aid in the Galactic Affairs with their allies.

After the destruction of Starkiller Base, the First Order had suffered a crippling blow but thanks to the superweapons accomplishments prior to it's destruction the First Order had finally reached new heights of power becoming a larger force than both the Resistance and New Republic combined. With this newfound power they had set out on their plans of Galactic conquest taking over several important locations and reaffirming their foothold over the Galaxy reminding others just how much of a threat they still posed despite the loss of their superweapon.

The Galaxy has been changing, the force reawakened as new Jedi continue to appear and new battles are fought. In this time of uncertainty, what path will you choose?

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