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New Republic

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Tue Feb 28, 2017 4:24 pm

The New Republic was once a strong force within the Galaxy though they did not heed the warnings of Commander Leia Organa with regards to the First Order and because of this they had paid dearly. When the Hosnian System was attacked they had not only lost their Capital of Hosnian Prime but four other planets as well and had suffered grave losses, becoming only a fraction of their former strength. With having nowhere else to turn the New Republic fled to Coruscant a planet which was used as their previous headquarters and where they held great influence and power, though much had changed.

The Under City's criminal organizations had become the new powerhouses of Coruscant, warring with one another over turf and resources. Their power had expanded so much that they even held the Upper City under their control. When the New Republic pulled into Coruscant the criminal organizations did not take it kindly and allied with one another in an effort to drive out the already fractured New Republic from their more recently established foothold. Because of this many skirmishes had broken out which only infringed upon the New Republic's plan to settle back into Coruscant and reestablish it as their Headquarters. However, when Commander Leia had pulled in with her Resistance Forces to aid the New Republic they would strike back with great force and after weeks of constant conflict drive out and cripple the criminal organizations that sought to take Coruscant from them, completely eradicating their influence on the Upper City and driving them back down to the Lower City.

Finally with Coruscant won the New Republic could begin rebuilding and this time they would not be alone as for the first time since the discovery of the First Order, The New Republic knew it was time to join the war.

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