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The Resistance was a small military group founded by the well known Galactic Hero, Commander Leia Organa. Since the rise of the First Order Commander Leia warned the New Republic of the potential dangers of this ambitious seemingly fanatical group of Imperialists and despite this the New Republic simply brushed it off as paranoid nonsense, the fact too that Commander Leia was the daughter of Darth Vader did not help her reputation with the New Republic and she had very little support. Unfortunately for the Galaxy, Commander Leia's theories had proved to be accurate and when the First Order struck they did so with force. Having stood little chance against the massive force of the First Order, The Resistance had to rely on strategical maneuvers that mostly consisted of small skirmishes that would pay off very little for their forces.

It wasn't until their victory against the First Order when they had destroyed the superweapon known as Starkiller Base that the Resistance would become more recognized to the Galaxy and earn much respect from those against the First Order so much so that the New Republic would request aid in reclaiming the planet of Coruscant with them. Seeing this as an opportune moment to forge an alliance that would not only benefit the Resistance but help aid in the efforts against the First Order altogether, Commander Leia accepted and together pushed out the criminal organizations plaguing the planet of Coruscant. Having earned the respect of the Senate or at least what had remained of it, the Resistance had finally become recognized as the force they truly represented. Shortly thereafter thanks to the efforts of Commander Leia the New Republic-Resistance Alliance was formed and the creation of the Galactic Alliance had been made.

Now with the Resistance and the New Republic working together under one banner the First Order finally has something more to worry about than simple skirmishes. This time the heart of the Resistance will beat all across the Galaxy.

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