Galactic Alliance

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Galactic Alliance

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:14 am

After the Resistance aided the New Republic on Coruscant against the criminal organizations during the Battle for the Upper City and after the smoke had cleared the Resistance and New Republic had signed the New Republic-Resistance Peace Treaty and formed an alliance renaming themselves the Galactic Alliance or GA for short. The Galactic Alliance had become the second largest power thanks to the combined strength of the two forces that made it up and would soon aid in the Jedi Restoration Act to help rebuild the Jedi Order. This had in-turn lead to the newly established Jedi Reformation to ally with the Galactic Alliance and soon two forces became three all united under one banner.

Now with the power of the New Republic, the Courage of the Resistance and the Wisdom of the Jedi Reformation this seemingly unstoppable force is ready to take the fight to the First Order and finally end the war to establish peace and independence for the Galaxy once and for all.

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