Yaddle and the Droids

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Yaddle and the Droids

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:20 am

Among the many legends in the history of the Jedi Order there was one in-particular that had stuck out from many others. Her name was Jedi Master Yaddle and she was a member of the Jedi Council prior to the Clone Wars. Much like Master Yoda, Yaddle had been of the same species and was just as powerful and wise as the renowned Jedi Grandmaster. However, she had left the Jedi Council shortly after the Battle of Naboo and disassociated herself from Galactic Affairs believing that they had been preventing her from becoming one with the force. Having avoided both the Jedi Purge and the attack on Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple, Yaddle had been one of the last of the old Jedi Masters and would find herself travelling across many planets.

One planet in-particular had been Dantooine, upon her arrival the Enclave had been abandoned and the land had grown over the structure but the presence of the light side was strong and Yaddle was drawn to the building. When she had arrived she sought out other inhabitants but all she could find had been scavenged droid parts from different eras, some even having predated the Clone Wars. With little to do and a lot of time on her hands Yaddle would single-handedly repair the droids and soon the entire Enclave was populated by a multitude of Droids all of whom Yaddle had named herself. She had also used this time to learn the systems of the Ancient Facility and how to make it function properly. Soon Yaddle had brought life back to the Dantooine Jedi Enclave and with the help of her droids she would repair the structure but just as was Yaddle's tendency she could never remain in one place for too long and after having spent five decades on Dantooine she had finally departed, leaving her Droids behind to watch over the Jedi Enclave in her absence which they had. Little is known as to what happened after Yaddle's departure from Dantooine but many speculate without her abilities to manage the Droids they all simply died out from a lack of proper programming and maintenance and thus ends the tale of Yaddle and the Droids.

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