Jedi Reformation

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Jedi Reformation

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:27 pm

After Luke Skywalker's Jedi Temple was destroyed at the hands of his nephew Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren the remaining Jedi were forced to once again flee the Galaxy retreating to areas where they could remain hidden. However one among them had no intention of hiding, her name was Vima Sunrider and she had been a descendant of a well reputable family of Jedi. Instead of fleeing Vima Sunrider made an effort to get in contact with the few Jedi Masters who also did not wish to run and they had secretly rendezvous with one another and formed the Circle of Jedi on an undisclosed planet in an undisclosed location.

During this time, they had collected a small portion of scattered Jedi but they had found their recovery missions had been growing more dangerous as the power and influence of the First Order continued to spread and were forced to abandon the effort. For several months the Circle had nowhere to turn, the Galaxy was growing far too dangerous for all of them. It wasn't until the formation of the Galactic Alliance that the Circle of Jedi would travel to Coruscant and request aid in what would later be known as the Jedi Restoration Act. Together with the aid of the Resistance and the New Republic the Jedi Reformation would be formed and above all the Jedi Masters it would be Vima Sunrider that would inherit the title of Grandmaster. However, there was a catch. Because of the help that the Galactic Alliance provided Vima Sunrider had to fulfill her end of the bargain which was to involve the Jedi Reformation into the Alliance and aid in the efforts to stop the First Order.

Now with the Jedi once again reestablishing themselves, new challenges begin to rise and threaten the very foundation of the Reformation. However, the Jedi have always persevered even in the face of adversity and this time was no different.

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