Knights of Ren

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Knights of Ren

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:55 am

The Striking Sword of the First Order and yet a force of their own, The Knights of Ren will go through any height to achieve whatever it is their Lord Kylo Ren bids them. To many they are known as killers but to the First Order they are the centurions that take on the most impossible missions making them possible. Having originated from a group of dark side fanatics the Knights of Ren grew into a name that brings fear, respect and infamy to the eyes of their allies and enemies alike. When Starkiller Base had been destroyed and news of the Jedi Reformation was brought to their attention the Knights were tasked with tracking down any Jedi and killing them before they could be brought back to their Headquarters in an effort to disrupt the progress of a potentially reestablished Jedi Order.

Now with the threat of another Jedi Order looming ahead, The Knights of Ren must stop the spread of another Jedi Order from emerging at all costs. No Jedi is safe and all shall soon suffer for their transgressions in the name of Lord Kylo Ren.

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