Sith Fanatics

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Sith Fanatics

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:54 pm

When the Empire was destroyed and the Order of the Sith gone very few darksiders had remained. These individuals refused to give up on their Ancient Sith Code and would do everything in their power to preserve it. It was because of this that they would scatter across the Galaxy to collect Sith objects of historical value. As time passed the First Order had conquered many planets making it far more difficult to remain unseen, knowing that the First Order had no intention of creating another Sith Order and repeat the mistakes of the Empire they began to make an effort to reestablish themselves in small groups all across the Galaxy. For many years they would remain unseen, until the creation of the Jedi Reformation. It was during a mission to Dromund Kaas that the Jedi would come in contact with the first group of Sith Fanatics since the times of the Rebellion. Having discovered their existence the Jedi Reformation now had more to concern themselves with than just the First Order and Knights of Ren and these Sith Fanatical Groups had to start working on gaining their own power to ready themselves for future skirmishes if they wished to have a chance to once again formulate a New Sith Order.

Now as the Sith Fanatical Groups continue to bide their time, growing larger than ever. They await their time to come out from the Shadows yet again and strike with unseen force, carving a path for themselves.

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