Spectral Sith Movement

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Spectral Sith Movement

Post by Revan Shan on Wed Mar 01, 2017 4:33 pm

In the few years leading up to the First Order-Resistance Conflict, the absence of a dark side presence in the galaxy attracted young force-sensitives to the idea of its practice. At the forefront of this movement was none other than the heir to the Shan family, Revan Shan. Revan Shan was found by a mysterious Sith Lord, claiming to be the true heir to Darth Plagueis named Darth Erebus. At the time, Revan Shan was merely a wandering Gray with a wanderlust for the greater galaxy. He was seduced by Darth Erebus's temptations of great knowledge and power and convinced himself that he could feign loyalty to ultimately betray the Sith Lord and save the galaxy from certain peril.

Under Darth Erebus's tutelage a council of Dark Jedi known as the Second Dark Council was established. The Council however was only ever founded to stage Erebus's sorceries in an effort to become immortal and increasingly powerful. Erebus's influence spread all throughout the Outer Rim and seemed to threaten the galaxy, however, brave Jedi would come out of hiding in an effort to work with one another against the Sith Lord's efforts. It led to a showdown on Moraband between Darth Erebus's New Sith Order and a small, uneasy coalition of Jedi under Jedi Knight Hayden Surik and of Sith under Dark Apprentice Revan Shan. Darth Erebus's undoing would give way for the Spectral Sith to rise to power.

Darth Erebus's rise was generally considered the Sith Order's last ditch effort to assert themselves in the galaxy again, in it's place was a movement of what was left of Erebus's empire under the leadership of Revan Shan now going by the proper Sith name Darth Spectra. The Spectral Sith preserved Sith lore both old and new and attempted galactic expansion, resulting in great slaughter throughout the galaxy on the path of conquest. The battles were largely kept under lock and key by the galactic media to reduce panic. During the Spectral Sith's campaign to conquer the galaxy, it was their leader, Darth Spectra who felt the pull of the light and ultimately resulted in the weakening and dismantling of the movement as a whole before a real war could begin in earnest.

Darth Spectra's closest advisers and generals would bury his Sith Mask, engineered through Sith alchemy and he would submit himself to the Circle of Jedi and they would perform a memory wipe. Though his memories would slowly return overtime, with the arrival of the First Order from the Unknown Regions of space, the Spectral Sith remnants were overshadowed and otherwise perished from the known galaxy, but for a time, they were the closest thing to a Sith Order and would be remembered as such by the soldiers and Jedi who fought against them on the frontline and throughout the Outer Rim.

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