Sith Fanatics First Contact

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Sith Fanatics First Contact

Post by Star Wars Adventures on Wed Mar 01, 2017 1:12 pm

It had been during a recovery mission given to the Jedi Shadows that they would make their way to the planet of Dromund Kaas and recover an Ancient Sith Relic that was assigned to be destroyed once in the safety of the Shadows. The team was lead by Jedi Shadow Maars Droma a male Lethan Twi'lek. He alongside his team of three Shadows had maneuvered their way to the location of the object they were sent to recover and destroy but once the team had arrived they had not known what retaliation they would meet, four figures dawning blackened robes to which reflected that of the Ancient Sith turned to face the group and activated their blood red lightsabers, lunging themselves towards the Jedi Shadows. The two groups got into a scuffle that had lasted for over twenty minutes before drawing a conclusion. Maars Droma had lost two of his three Shadows after having defeated the four Sith Fanatics. He would not only make his way to the Ancient Sith Relic that they had been sent to destroy but also return with the news of this unaffiliated group of Dark Jedi, showing their lightsabers to the Council as proof and finally uncovering the existence of the Sith Fanatical Groups.

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